Agency Accreditation

Why Accreditation

The Incentive Conference & Event Society Asia Pacific has from its inception in 2014 believed that one of its key objectives was to strengthen the role of intermediary agencies operating across Asia Pacific by implementing a single pan-Asia Pacific Agency Accreditation Scheme. The scheme was promulgated to assist customers, media, suppliers and the broader business community in identifying those agencies that meet a published set of standards in this sector.

The Agency Accreditation Scheme was developed in consultation with Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Having sought and received the agreement of APEC’s Tourism Working Group (TWG) to present the scheme for input and comment, this was completed with the submission of a white paper detailing the scheme to the APEC TWG meeting held in the Philippines in May 2015.

A strong intermediary agency community across Asia Pacific will significantly strengthen the industry, protect the current investment companies are making in the Incentive, Conference and Event (IC&E) sector and gives the assurance the corporate sector needs to increase their future investment in Incentive, Conference & Event projects. An accredited agency community is the basis for a sustainable future.

Click here to download the ICESAP Agency Accreditation Scheme

  • Promote accreditation as a clear point of differentiation
  • Improved trading terms with emphasis shifting away from price alone as a determining factor for winning and retaining business
  • Ability to recruit more qualified management and staff in a professional environment which provides greater opportunity for personal development
  • Confidence in the competency of accredited agencies engaged
  • Confidence that an accredited agency is financially and legally sound
  • Knowledge that the accredited agency commits to a Code of Conduct
  • Ability to differentiate intermediary agencies on more than price
  • Assurance that an accredited agency has the skills and experience to add tangible value to any IC&E project
  • More stable pipeline of higher quality projects
  • Reduce doubtful debts and need for indiscriminate offering of commissions
  • Benefit from accredited agencies’ compliance to a Code of Conduct and Best Practices

Apply for Accreditation

Accreditation Elements

Probity Check &
Due Diligence Steps

Managers & Staff
Competency Record

Code of Conduct

Best Practices

Notice of Variation
(if any)

Accreditation Process

Before starting, download and read the ICESAP Agency Accreditation Scheme.

  • Review the entire application form prior to commencing completion.
  • Assemble the required addendums.
  • Proceed to the dedicated ICESAP Agency Accreditation page for online application.
  • Payment of application and accreditation fee.
  • Receive notice of acceptance of accreditation application and permission to advertise status as an ICESAP Accredited Agency. The agency will also receive the ICESAP Agency Accreditation Certificate.
Apply for Accreditation

Application & Accreditation Fees

Lead Entity US$
Initial Application Fee (non-refundable) 1,000.00
Two-year Accreditation Fee (24 months from date of approval) 1,500.00
Subsequent Two-year Accreditation Renewal Fee 1,250.00

Additional Entity
(for second and subsequent applications)
Initial Application Fee (non-refundable) 750.00
Two-year Accreditation Fee (24 months from date of approval) 750.00
Subsequent Two-year Accreditation Renewal Fee 750.00

Each legal entity making an application for accreditation needs to apply separately. However, where the applicants are part of a group of companies sharing the same management structure and trading name, a reduced rate applies to the second and all subsequent applications.

Fees include a non-refundable portion which in the case of a failed application is non-refundable.


You should receive the results of your Agency Accreditation within 15 working days.

Submit a "Notice of Variation" during application, listing the specific items which the applicant agency is not currently compliant with. This gives agency owners and managers the opportunity over the next 12 months (starting from the date of application) to make the necessary changes to ensure they will be fully compliant in the second year of accreditation.

Yes, for start-up companies, or companies less than 2 years of operation, a separate set of information is required for the Probity and Due Diligence check. Please refer to 2.1 Probity and Due Diligence in the ICESAP Agency Accreditation Scheme.

Non-operational staff such as finance, administration, secretarial and sales positions is excluded from the Managers & Staff Competency Record. Only managers and staff engaged in planning and execution of Incentive Travel Programs, Conference, Corporate Meetings & Business Events should be included.

Yes. ICESAP authorised consultants will process company records in the official business language of countries within Asia Pacific.

In an event an agency application is rejected, specific grounds for the rejection will be supplied in writing. This will include wherever possible suggestions for rectification of the application.

The initial application fee is non-refundable irrespective of whether the application for accreditation is successful, but the two-year accreditation fee will be fully refunded where an application is rejected.

On application, all information provided for the Agency Accreditation Scheme to ICESAP from the ICESAP Accredited Agencies or the new applicant agencies shall only be used for the purpose of this scheme in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of Singapore and privacy laws in the applicable jurisdiction where the agency is based and operates office from.

ICESAP has intentionally distanced its executives, staff and Advisory Board members from having access to any of the legal and financial information disclosed by the applicant agency and its owners through the appointment of third party business consultants.

The Agency Accreditation components will continue to be reviewed every 2 years by ICESAP authorised consultants. However, subsequent renewal fees will be levied at a reduced rate.

Accredited agencies will receive permission to commence advertising their status as an Accredited Agency and permission to use the ICESAP Agency Accreditation logo on marketing and communication materials in accordance to the ICESAP Style Guide. The agency will also receive the certificate of accreditation and have their company information listed on the ICESAP Accredited Agencies directory.

Yes. Where the applicants are part of a group of companies sharing the same management structure and trading name, a reduced rate applies to the second and all subsequent applications (also known as Additional Entity).

Please refer to Section 5.2 Fees Applicable and Payment Process of the ICESAP Agency Accreditation Scheme.