“The Incentive, Conference & Event Society Asia-Pacific – or ICESAP for short – is an exciting new peak body for the Incentive, Conference & Event industry across all the markets of Asia-Pacific.”

In 2016, the value of the Incentive Travel, Conference, Corporate Meetings and Business Events business in Asia-Pacific exceeded US$200 billion in economic value for the region. By any measure the value of our ICESAP industry is immense. More surprising to many is the fact that in 2015, 80% of the US$200 billion was spent by businesses operating in Asia-Pacific.

Whether it is city or country destinations, hotels & resorts, airlines, destination management companies, venues, caterers, production companies, cruise ships or ground operators, the value driven by increased participant numbers is monumental across all classes of suppliers to this industry. In addition to the many suppliers, there are the Intermediary agencies; those owning or working for Conference and Meeting Organisers, Incentive Companies and Meeting Planners.

As well the Intermediary agencies and those supplying the sector, ICESAP includes in its membership those working for the multinational corporations and small to medium enterprises that last year chose to invest US$100+ billion in our sector. This enormous investment in providing Incentive Programmes, Conferences, Meetings and Events is managed by people within client organisations. ICESAP is delighted to warmly welcome these professionals as our Corporate Members. Those companies and their people who choose to inform, educate and motivate their employees, distribution and channel partners, customers and consumers are at the heart of our business and inclusion in our industry is not only long overdue, but essential if ICESAP is to achieve its long-term goals.

Despite the scale of the Business Events industry within the region, there has, until now, been no pan-Asian membership-based body to represent the interests of the many professionals working within this sector.

ICESAP will deliver what has until now been lacking, in terms of independent and in-depth industry research, trend tracking & analysis, benchmarking tools and identifying and sharing industry best practices with its members. In addition, ICESAP has partnered William Angliss Institute to provide Professional Development courses starting with an online distance learning certificate, followed with two further stages to provide more formal certification at advanced levels to be delivered in a blended learning format.

ICESAP has also from its inception believed that one of its key objectives was to strengthen the role of intermediary agencies operating across Asia Pacific by implementing a single pan-Asia Pacific Agency Accreditation Scheme.

ICESAP will host an Annual Conference each year, together with the ICESAP Excellence Awards. 2014 in Bali, 2015 in Hong Kong, 2016 in Singapore. In 2017, at the newly opened W Shanghai from the 6 to 8 September. Throughout the year ICESAP will be hosting member events in locations across Asia-Pacific to bring members together, whether for networking or Professional Development opportunities.

ICESAP stands ready to represent all the many professional practitioners working across a variety of businesses and roles which make up our industry in Asia-Pacific. It is time for the industry to move towards being regarded as a profession, and ICESAP has a major focus on this aspect of the Society’s early initiatives.

We have called this new society ICESAP as an exciting new brand whilst retaining an element of the well recognised MICESAP acronym.

With over 30 years working in the Incentive, Meetings and Events industry in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, I am honoured to be leading ICESAP as its President.

If you are not already a member, please join ICESAP and if you have industry friends and colleagues who are not members, please urge them to join. Together we have a lot to look forward to and a lot to achieve as a Society of professionals. A career in this exciting new “ICESAP Age” is something we can all enjoy and take others on the journey with us to create a better future for all stakeholders.

Nigel Gaunt
Incentive, Conference & Event Society Asia Pacific