• To provide all members with a forum for education, professional development, career development, cross-functional learning and business & social networking

  • To work with a variety of existing associations and organisations to develop and deliver a world-class professional development programme for each of the membership categories (Corporate, Intermediary, Supplier, Student) and disciplines (Incentive, Conference & Event)

  • To promote the Incentive, Conference & Event industry across Asia-Pacific to business leaders, in particular promoting the economic value to their businesses of investing in Incentive, Conference & Event programmes for their Employees, Channel Partners, Customers and Consumers as a key element to their company’s overall marketing mix

  • To represent our industry to government and other local and regional authorities responsible for Business Event promotion. To encourage investment in new and existing facilities to further develop the size and economic value of our sector. Additionally, to ensure governments do not put in place any tax or other barriers to limit the growth of our industry

  • To work with APEC and other governmental bodies to encourage inter-Asia-Pacific Incentive, Conference & Event trade opportunities and streamline processes. Also, to offer members in developing countries the opportunity to learn from members of our industry in more developed markets

  • To build awareness amongst the community at large as to the significance of the Incentive, Conference & Events business, and how business tourism is identified as an important part of the overall tourism sector

  • To promote awareness amongst students of the career opportunities that exist, and to liaise with educational institutions that offer relevant courses of the opportunities for their students. To develop further education for Society members already working in our industry

  • To invest surplus profits generated by the Society into a scholarship programme for new or lower level positions to gain new skills, thus creating career progression. Additionally, to fund an intra-discipline and intra-regional exchange programme for Corporate, Intermediary and Supplier members

  • To host the PCMA ICESAP Excellence Awards annually, offering a variety of industry & regional award categories judged by industry peers with acknowledged expertise in the specific award category

  • To host an annual PCMA ICESAP Conference, allowing members to gather to learn from business sessions, celebrate successes through the announcement of awards and professional development gained, and socialise amongst industry peers and guests